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We have had a lot of exciting developements at Watermen Unlimited that hasn't allowed us to update the page as much as we'd like.  Recently we added a section on Costa Rica offshore fishing and surfing.  

We've also been busy traveling with trips to New Zealand, Antigua, and Turks and Caicos.  All that on top of an exciting fall in the Salmon River NY and striper fishing (with some central PA spring creek action sprinkled in here and there).  Keep an eye out for upcoming articles and expedition sections that relate to those trips.  

Lastly, we're very excited to announce a new online storefront where we'll be selling saltwater flies, rigging equipment & rigging materials.  Follow us on Instagram and twitter to catch the latest. 

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Navarino, Chile

Drift Boat Selection

In this video series we will review hull selection, layout , factory options , and some of our own personal touches. If you are thinking about purchasing a drift boat, or if you just like looking at them, then you should check out this four part series.


Talachulitna River, Alaska


Alaska is a sportsman’s paradise.  There are more miles to hunt and fish than in any other State.  Don’t believe us?  Just look at the numbers.  Alaska's National Parks span 32 million square miles making up over 60% of our countries national park land.  It has our America’s lowest population density (1 person per 1.2square miles), an abundance of planes (about 1 per 60 people), the most coastline in the US (33,000 miles), and ~365,000 miles of river.  All species of Salmon run in those rivers along with trophy Trout, Grayling, Char, and more than a handful of other freshwater species.  In 2008 The Watermen set out to explore 50 miles of the Talachulitna River on a backcountry float trip. Read More

Navarino, Chile

patagonia_023.jpgThere are few places left in the world where you can say that you are the first person to have stepped foot there.  There are even fewer places that you can say you were the first to fish.   Virgin water is somewhat of a myth it seems, considering our home waters.  We are sometimes lined soulder to shoulder on the Salmon River, or in a traffic jamb of drift boats on the Delaware.  I cannot explain the feeling, the excitement, and the wonder of fishing virgin water.  Anything is possible.   The largest trout in the world probably lives where no man has fished before, eagerly waiting to inhale any fly that you present.  Imagine being the person to discover Argentine’s Jurrasic Lake or the Rio Grande.   We have all heard stories about the good old days where the fish were large and plentiful...Read More